CDL Tanker Pay

Current Driver Environment

Truck drivers are currently in high demand which has many drivers wondering about tanker pay. This is due to the shortage of drivers across the country. The average salary for truck drivers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $42,480 per year or $20.42 per hour for 2017. This may seem lower than expected for most drivers. Again, this is the average and this depends a lot on the type of work driving and company you work for. The biggest determinant on pay is number of years of experience and company.

The two types of CDL drivers that bring in the most pay is the flat bed driver and the other is the CDL Tanker driver. The CDL tanker driver has the most requirements and as a result driver should expect more pay. Some the requirements that companies expect from potential hires are a clean driving record, 2 plus years of experience, tanker endorsement, and the hazardous material endorsement.

Hazmat CDL Pay Factors

So, what can a driver who meets these qualifications expect to receive in pay? Well the obvious question is that it depends. Most of the factors are related to geographical region, type of employer, and years of experience. One indicator for pay is what are the companies that are hiring posting in job advertisements in your area.

How Much Pay is Enough

You need to keep in mind that some companies are paying on a per mileage basis. This could range from $0.45 to $0.55 per mile. Other companies may provide drivers a salary with a range from $55,000 to $70,000. So which is better to go with a salary or a per mile range basis? Will also that also will depend on what the driver is looking to achieve. Some companies that pay a salary will be more likely to have dedicated routes that can be a bit monotonous. Other companies that pay on a per mileage basis may allow for drivers to make the most money. This is if they are willing to hustle to get the most mileage out of the day.

Other Factors and Benefits

There are other factors to consider instead of pay. For instance, health insurance is a big factor to consider. Many of the higher paying CDL jobs do not provide health coverage insurance or provide less than desirable coverage options.

Some companies provide paid time off while others provide no paid time off. This may not seem like a big factor at first but can become expensive to drivers. Many drivers do not factor this in and then try to take time off and cannot do so without stopping their paychecks.

The other factor is the company culture. Many companies strive to ensure that drivers are treated well and respected throughout the company while other companies treat drivers as a necessary evil. Although, companies may speak of treating drivers fairly and respectful few companies can implement this effectively. Drivers can be the lifeblood of the company and a result driver should be treated with respect.

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Tanker Pay
  • Top Pay – Tanker Drivers $85k
  • Average Pay – Tanker Driver $70k
  • Lower Pay – Tanker Driver $55k