Without a HAZMAT endorsement, truck drivers will be limited in what they are able to haul. The process for getting a HAZMAT endorsement changes depending on where a driver lives.  Most states allow drivers to apply for an endorsement online.  Some states require truck drivers to apply in person at the local DMV. Among these are Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The process for passing a HAZMAT endorsement test takes place in three parts. After applying, an applicant must first pass a medical screening.  This medical screening includes a regular physical, a hearing test, a breathing test, and an EKG, among other things .

Once an applicant passes the HAZMAT physical inspection, they move onto the written exam. This exam will test applicants on their knowledge of HAZMAT laws, how to transport certain materials, and the role of the driver in some situations.  The score needed to pass any given endorsement test changes depending on the state, but most HAZMAT tests require a score around 80% to pass (so make sure you study!).

The third part of the HAZMAT application process is the TSA background check.  This is what makes the HAZMAT endorsement both more difficult to obtain and more valuable than other endorsements.  In order to pass the TSA check, applicants must travel to a local TSA center and provide the correct documents.  The TSA will also take their fingerprints, their photographs, and charge a fee that is either $86.50 or $67, depending on the circumstances.

Upon applying at the nearest TSA building, the TSA will either approve or deny your application within 45 days. If they approve your application, the TSA will notify both you and the state of your endorsement. Once the TSA notifies the state, you will receive your CDL with the HAZMAT endorsement by mail.

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