Crazy Business Suggestion – YouTube Movie Theater

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Business Concept: YouTube Theater

Description: An area where you can see all of your favorite videos in a theater setup with snacks as well as all that good things

Start-Up Price: $25k – $75k.

Potential Income: $500k+ per year.

YouTube represents the American desire for a fast service start-up with instantaneous success. It comes under the exact same category of the excellent “garage” start-ups as Microsoft, Google and also eBay have so masterfully done. It’s big success originates from the millions of people that utilize YouTube to share their favored video clips with loved ones online.

There is just one little point that I think YouTube lacks … an off-line community. There isn’t an event place where big teams of friends can come together to one central area to check out as well as appreciate their favorite videos.

So, why not catch the exponential group online and enjoy the fantastic benefits of launching a YouTube video cinema in your very own town? Oh, but it’s so much greater than a movie theater also … Here’s how it functions:.

Lease Or Get A Building.

Movie theaters are commonly extremely huge, housing 10 or even more film screens calls for a lot of square video footage, yet with the YouTube movie theater you will just need one display to start with. This allows you to release your business quicker and cheaper, as well as you can increase into a larger area with multiple displays when you get going and also are making good money.

Naturally, you need to discover a fantastic area that will bring in crowds of individuals. A great place near a shopping mall or a prominent restaurant would be adequate. Then you will require to promote like insane. When a niche service similar to this captures on it must spread out by word of mouth quite rapidly, particularly with words “YouTube” in it.

More Than Just A Movie theater.

OK, you have your building, you’ve established the screen and projection, mounted the comfortable chairs and maybe even some couches and easy chair, the giving in area is established and you have floods of consumers … currently, are individuals mosting likely to just kick back as well as see arbitrary YouTube videos all evening?

No, and right here’s where it obtains kinda fascinating. Imagine it’s you being in this “YouTube Cinema”, you’re with all of your pals, as well as you have a checklist of your preferred videos from online that you want every person to see. So, you look up to the right of the cinema where a sign says “text in your preferred video to add to the playlist.”.

Now you and also your friends can message in your favorite videos to the YouTube Movie theater monitoring group to display as well as evaluate your options. When the movie theater management approves your videos for ideal content it will certainly be posted to the video playlist. There could also be a plasma screen up in the front near the big screen that presents every one of the video clips that are following in the line to make sure that you understand when your video clips will play.

Pretty trendy huh? I would certainly go to a place like this in a heartbeat. I’m always looking for new places to go and brand-new ways delight myself.

Earning money.

Unlike theater that just reach maintain a percentage of the ticket sale, you will have the ability to keep your whole admission price. So, the amount of money you can make is just restricted by the number of seats or standing area that you have in your room.

Allow’s claim you have 200 seats offered and you bill only 4 bucks to enter the door. Everyone gets a ticket number as well as is charged for every single hr they stay in the building (so $4/hr per person). That’s automatically 800 bucks a hr if you have a full theater.

And also every one of the cash to be made on concessions. Actually, that’s the large theater’s main income.

There is a lot, as well as I mean a lot, of money to made with this service idea.

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